How are CoreUpdates created and applied


I also had a problem with the TLS connection from ovpn - like in this thread (Cannot connect with OpenVPN).

The crl updater had an incorrect path, so I changed it locally and then looked in the Git repository and found this commit:

Obviously the change wasn’t rolled out to me. I had a quick look at the Pakfire code and saw that the core updates are downloaded and decrypted and then an script is executed, but I didn’t get any further due to time constraints.

And because I’m interested in where exactly the error was and how the core updates are created, but I don’t want to go into too much detail myself for now, I wanted to ask if someone could write a short description about how the core updates are created and what there is to know about it.

Hallo @hifire

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This was already discussed in this post and thread.

The failure was that it was missed to add the openvpn-crl-updater script into the ship filelists file.

Only three of the files were added into the filelist of files that gets shipped.
Unfortunately this was not found during the Testing release of CU186. All the developers had a CRL expiry time that was still long enough for the issue not to flag up and there was no Testing feedback from the forum for CU186.;a=commit;h=73363b89bc6cb1749b83fb42e4f55d960f974f26;a=commit;h=1ed2ed6310a80510304af993b68c35060731ceff

The one that was missing was added in on Monday 8th and would have been merged and built into Core Update 186 updater by Tuesday.;a=commit;h=5e91f831afce8a2fbe020d4988d21d226f83d2c3