Freezes after Core Update 185

I upgraded my installation from Core 173 to 185 last thursday. Since I had 3 freezes from the system. No error messages in the kernel log before freeze. Systems runs over years without problems before upgrade.
I will reinstall the system today afternoon.
@bonnietwin Does you want some logs to find the reason?

Firewall reinstalled yesterday with config backup. Next freeze now. Can someone help pls?

See this post thread

and this post.

The issue is that the apache server did not get properly restarted in all cases after the upgrade was completed.

To be sure that the upgrade has completed you can check the upgrade log as per the above thread and then you can restart the apache server via the ssh connection or via the console.

However in all the cases in the above thread, if the system is still frozen after 10 minutes then the upgrade will have completed and rebooting will automatically restart the apache server.

@bonnietwin Its not a upgrade or apache issue. The hole system freeze after hours of running fine.

Then I would say that sounds more likely a hardware issue.

When the freeze happens is the console also frozen? If yes then the likelihood is a hardware issue of some sort.

If the console is still working then what error message do you get on your browser if you open a new tab and enter your IPFire url.

Need to connect a monitor to see console output. WebInterface, SSH… nothing is working when it freeze.

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but the console is working? ie you can type commands and get response back?

PC currently without monitor and keyboard. I need to connect it and wait for the next crash.

Then we wait to hear back from you.

Hopefully not too soon from your point of view but to figure out what is occurring here sooner would be better.

[From another user’s perspective] I generally don’t try to upgrade more than 1 or 2 core versions. It only takes me maybe 20 minutes to set up from scratch (ie from a new distribution) and I feel more confident that I have the latest with no ghosts in the closet so to speak. Going from Core 173 to 185 probably meant to work, but I wouldn’t chance it since it is not that much trouble to download iso and set one up from scratch…

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