ExtraHD bug. can not unmount

Can’t umount /mnt/harddisk. Maybe the device is in use?
Actually unmounted, but the webui reports an error that cannot be unmounted.
No other service is using the second hard drive /dev/sdb.

Hi, did you read the below thread?

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I don’t use samba file sharing service, just mount /dev/sdb1 hard drive partition.
I remember that older versions can be mounted and unmounted.

When webui delete the mount point, the hard disk is actually unmounted, but /var/ipfire/extrahd/device & /var/ipfire/extrahd/fstab files are not changed.
The device file is zero bytes when not mounted. fstab file not include the sdb1 mount point.

The Samba part is incidental. The problem from that thread was that an added HDD was removed but in the Extra HDD WUI page the drive was still showing as mounted. This looks to be the same as trhe description you have provided.

A bug has already been raised for this.


I have the same problem unmounting extra hdd in core 173. Can anyone confirm the same behavior?

All services like samba… related to write on disk are disabled.


I am closing this thread.

Test release for ExtraHD. Please test and let us know!


This feature that allows mounting any extra storage into IPFire has been entirely rewritten. The code was hard to extend and some smaller issues became hard to fix which resulted in us making the decision for a rewrite. It should now be a lot more robust and easy to use.