ExtraHD bug - can't remove mount point


I set up a mount point for a usb drive that was formatted with exfat for a samba share. However I coun’t write on this samba share. I wanted to delete the mount point, but it doesn’t work:

"Konnte /mnt/harddisknicht mounten. Vielleicht wird das Gerät bereits verwendet? "

What stupid message for a not mounted drive!

I removed the drive and restarted IPFire. Nothing changed! This must be a bug, because it can’t be a feature.

How do I get rid of the dead mount point?

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Hi @xperimental.

It happens to me always. I hit the delete button and nothing happens. It is not erased. I have to access via ssh and delete it by hand.


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It might be a good idea to raise a bug report on this so that it gets documented.



Your ipfire people email address and password also work as your ipfire bugzilla credentials.

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Hi, can you tell me the console command please? That’s what I’m looking for.

Good Morning @xperimental.

Yes, i access “/var/ipfire/extrahd” and now I don’t remember what I modified but in the files of this path, I edit them and remove all reference to the ExtraHD that I want to delete.

When I can I try it again and report the bug.


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Yes you are right. The entries are defined in the file ‘/var/ipfire/extrahd/devices’. I deleted it manually. That works.

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The code is also not fine in another way. If there are empty lines in the config file, they are also seen to be an entry, In my opinion functions sould alway check the file entries for the right syntax first.

To unmount you can try the command
/var/ipfire/extrahd/bin/extrahd.pl umount /mnt/harddisk

Usage: /var/ipfire/extrahd/bin/extrahd.pl (mount|umount|scanhd) mountpoint


Is your /etc/fstab file empty?


I have the same issue.

This command looks correct but it did not correct the issue.

[**root@ipfire** ~] # /var/ipfire/extrahd/bin/extrahd.pl umount /mnt/ssd
umount: /mnt/ssd: not mounted.
Successfully umounted /mnt/ssd.
[**root@ipfire** ~] #

After running this command it did not update the /var/ipfire/extrahd/devices file. So no joy…

Looks like I will be deleting the devices file!