Empty Local cache in Update Accelerator

I already lack strength and any ideas.

as you can see in the pictures in the attachment, the download accelerator does not work.
Clean installation, the latest version of ipfire is no files in cache maintenance.
Question how to check on a file from the network the correct operation of the download accelerator?
how to check if the accelerator works correctly?

Not sure if this helps.

thanks for the reply, but links works.
just how to check if the accelerator itself works correctly.
has someone sure a link that should be downloaded by him 100/100?
I have one more question maybe strange and should not have an impact on the accelerator - does the setting of a transparent proxy matter here?

Update Accelerator has its own log files, directory /var/log/updatexlrator/. There should be entries.
Yes, (non)transparent proxy setting may matter. In transparent mode HTTP(S) access is directed to the proxy and therefore to Update Accelerator.
In non transparent mode clients must use the proxy. This can be forced by blocking all direct HTTP access. If this access is allowed the download request by-pass the proxy ( and UA ).

thank you for your reply. Logs,
unfortunately, do not appear - do not grow, only when you select
the box with passive download - photo attached - the log appears. do you have a link that should show on the standard settings?
should not, but do any changes in webproxy affect the correct operation of the update accelerator?

The menu page you showed for the Update Accelerator does not have the Logs Enabled.

thx for answer
now shows Logs

but not works

once it was enough to download eg adobe reader to check if the download accelerator works.
now it does nothing. therefore, how to check if the settings are correct.
always worked everything after a fresh installation, and now I check and it does not work
it would be useful to have a button in the GUI works / does not work.

unless, as I asked, you have a file/link that gives 100% certainty that the download accelerator and always poof of work.

Sorry, there is no easy possibility.

  • how to check the client really does the request to the proxy?
  • I don’t know whether the update URLs ‘crafted’ in the Update Accelerator are really uptodate. ( Shame on me, I didn’t work further on a rewrite of UA :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :unamused: )

I will just try your Acrobat Reader example. I’ll report my results.

Just tried with Reader. No logs.
Looking at the source, I fear most URLs are not working anymore. From own usage I know, Microsoft updates are working.
Another thing which should work are Linux packages ( .rpm, .deb, … ).

that is, you do not have any verified link that will confirm
the error-free operation of the proxy download accelerator

I just tried with a Debian package. It shows up in the logs and the stats of Update Accelerator.
Maybe this helps.