CU 183 testing - IPFire Logo broken

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You have to clear the browser web cache otherwise it keeps using the old data.

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I have done that and only the style changed. Logo still broken.

What browser are you using.

I am using firefox and i went into the settings and cleared the web cache and got the full new version straight away.

Firefox. Also no Logo:

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Your website screenshot is showing it correctly.

This ist the worst thing I have seen for a long time.


The new website was already announced on this forum 2 weeks ago.

I think the new website is great. Much better than the old one. Everything in one system.

I also think the change to the look of the WUI is also much better.

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I can’t really get used to the new design either. The bold light background and small font are not for me. I also miss Tux very much. :cry:


Can a newbie please ask here, is CU183 stable enough for “production”? I am using IPFire only in a home environment currently, so It’s not a very big issue if anything goes wrong as I have backups of my current system. I would love to look at the new update though, without too much worry of something important breaking.

Hi @markadewet,

CU183 is available for testing, that means it is stable enough to be released but could contain some bugs, that still need to be found/reported/fixed.
The last stable Version currently is CU182 :slight_smile:


@ric9 Thank you for your reply, however, it does not really answer my question.
1: I know the latest stable version is CU182, that is what I am running currently.
2: I understand CU183 is available for TESTING, my question really is just is it stable ENOUGH for a production environmet? I do believe it is a simple yes or no answer.

Then, yes :slight_smile:

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@ric9 There we go, thank you so much! I will then do a current backup and give it a go.

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There wasn’t really anything wrong with the old fashioned interface. Waste of your limited resources really. Better to work on functionality / IPFire 3.x

I attach screen grab from my Full HD display.
Two things:

  1. Fonts too small for especially for data.
  2. Fixed width pages emphasize 1. - dynamic width using whole display would be better.

Other than that, working stable for me - no noticeable performance gains from new kernel.


There we go! No IPFire Logo as well.

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The IPFire logo is now IPFire_

If that colour will be the new background colour for Ipfire I will have to modify something in code to change it, I just can’t look at it for a longer time it is far to bright neon and my eyes are light sensitive. Mild photophobia… like having an unshielded lightbulb directly to my eyes.

Even this is uncomfortable:

but the screenshot does not make it justice it is brighter in reality.


This is a great idea for an logo, NOT!


The typical way to do this – get around old cached CSS, I didn’t even realize what was changed until now – is to apply a version number to the CSS file when making large changes, so either /themes/ipfire/include/css/style.v1.css or /themes/ipfire/include/css/style.css?1706172883 (typically a Unix timestamp when the CSS was modified, which can be checked programmatically).

Taste-wise the new interface looks much more professional but that hotpink background has to go, my eyes are bleeding.