CpuFreq graph error

I’ve read through the other threads on this and don’t really see a solution for this.

,"LINE1:cpu".$i.$color{"color1$j"}."A0:cpu ".$i." "

gives me this error:

I played around a little and I can get 16 out of 20 Cpu’s (threading is turned off so not showing 40) to show up using

,"LINE1:cpu".$i.random_hex_color(6)."A0:cpu".$i." "

what would I change to permanently fix the graph?

my hardware is:

Bug has already been raised for this.


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for a temporary fix i added a break in the cpufreq graph until an actual fix is released, i only need a few cpu’s to see whats going on.

	for(my $i = 0; $i < $cpucount; $i++) {
		my $j=$i+1;
		   if ($i == 9) {

				,"LINE1:cpu".$i.$color{"color1$j"}."A0:cpu ".$i." "