Core 150 hiccups

Anyone else having problems with Core 150 locking up the CPU? I’ve been running IPfire for years now and I just bought a new to me server a Dell T310. I loaded fresh copy of XCP-ng and the latest Core update and it constantly locks up the processor then stops working. I did some reading and thought it might be hardware related. I had in the past used a HP DL380 G6 without problem so I pulled it out and put a fresh install of XPC-ng and the latest update of IPfire and wound up having the same problem. So tonight I took the Dell and put an older version of IPFire on it I think its Core 143 and I don’t seem to have the problem anymore. I also have a Dell R510 running on XCP-ng IPfire core 149 I’m hesitant to upgrade it to core 150 for fear I’ll have the same problem.

Why do you use IPFire virtualised?
Have you tried to run it just on bare system?

I have run it bare metal in the past. But now I would prefer to run it on a VM so I don’t have to run multiple appliances, trying to be more eco friendly and keep my electric costs down.

same problem here with a duo box business.
ping ok, but response time high, around 1 ms and more, no access with web interface nor ssh

Could it be that you ran into this problem?

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Yes, indeed. Thanks a lot.


to avoid duplicates, I am going to close this tread in favour of No more access to ipfire - Core 150 | Location-Filter.

Please find all relevant information about this issue, the progress we made while solving it, and other aspects in this post in the mentioned thread.

No offense is intended, we just try to keep track of one problem in one thread. Thanks for your understanding. :slight_smile:

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