Core 142 - check_mk_agent removed

Hello, everybody.

Unfortunately I had to hear that starting with Core 142 the package check_mk_agent is no longer offered and removed from the system. I was able to monitor the router with this package from my check_mk server and also collect the up- and download rates. Is there a possibility to continue using this package?

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It’s a pity that this evaluation is no longer possible from Core 142.

Too bad that there is no reaction of the developers. I would like to know how others monitor the router itself.

With SMP :grinning:

You probably mean SNMP but that’s not as charming and as with the check_mk_agent and the traffic analysis is also not really that well implemented.

There are agents everywhere. In my company nsclient++, nagios-nrpe or the check_mk agent (home) and now I have to switch to SNMP by force. This will be a fiddle, if it works out.

At least you will be able to monitor your printers and CCTV together with your firewall with one SNMP server (and maybe others). Yep SMP is out!

What ist CCTV or SMP?
So there will be no way to monitor the router except the insecure and complicated SNMP?

And of course your managed network switches. SMP is the precursor of SNMP. CCTV == video surveillance.

It was not maintained for years more than 5 years. A user want it has build in and not do the maintaining work.

That is a second reason to remove. Why we need two of such agents. nagios_nrpe is still available.

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I was able to successfully integrate my router into my CheckMK monitoring using NRPE check and Check_MK via SSH.
Maybe this will help you a little bit.

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