Check_mk_agent - after Core 142 removed

Too bad that check_mk_agent is no longer possible from Core 142 on


Yes me too (((

If anyone is happy to package and maintain it, we are of course happy to accept any patches.

We just have no users in our development team and we only counted very very few downloads of this package.

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I was able to successfully integrate my router into my CheckMK monitoring using NRPE check and Check_MK via SSH.
Maybe this will help you a little bit.

Check_mk - Invoking over SSH

My CheckMK-Forum Thread

I am willing to do this. I am a very active user of MK and also write modules for it… I added also some code for P420 and P430 cards monitoring. FFMpeg in iptv monitoring… I will read myself in a bit on your packager system, dependecy’s and such…



I will read myself in a bit on your packager system, dependecy’s and such…

great to hear this. Please refer to in case you need further information, or drop me a line here if the wiki does not answer your question. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter MĂĽller

I was already busy with reading myself in the project. And will happily support it with some modules. however… will result in a 404…

Thanks for replying to my wish to help to the project.

Peter - I believe @shivani is referring to these pages:

Having read through the development sections myself in the past, as I was learning about doing builds for IPFire 2.x, I believe that the Pakfire/Packaging Guidelines section relates to IPFire 3.x and not IPFire 2.x

Certainly the material about the NM file layout as opposed to the LFS file layout and the package release number differences between 2.x and 3.x are differences. covers the IPFire 2.x core build and add-on build information