Client certificates

I am still trying to get IPSec working for a Win10 (Home) client and I’ve found something with the .p12 file that needs to be imported by the client: The .p12 file needs to be imported TWICE into two different cert folders.

I accidentally imported into Trusted Root Certificate Authorities and when I tried to connect I got an error about an inability to find my cert. So I removed the TWO certs that were added and then imported them into the Personal certificate folder instead. I got the same error when trying to connect. As an experiment, I imported into the Trusted Root cert folder again and this time the connection went through great.

I’m not sure that Trusted Root Cert Auth is the correct place and I am fairly sure that both of the certs in the .p12 file don’t belong in either of the locations.

Since the only documentation I can find only says to import them into Personal (and that doesn’t work) can anyone please explain what is the RIGHT way to import the .p12 file? Thanks!