Cannot connect to ipfire via openvpn

Hello - new ipfire user, setting up a nested network. Topology is:
WAN → Cable Modem → Synology RT2600AC → ipfire on Rpi4

I have created a VLAN on my RT2600AC for dev and my daily driver is on that VLAN as well as the ipfire. My ipfire has picked up an ip address on the VLAN in the same subnet as my daily driver. That VLAN is the RED circuit for ipfire.

I powered up another Rpi on the GREEN circuit, and it picks up its IP from ipfire no problem. I can browse internet, access the ipfire web GUI, everything is good.

From the GREEN circuit, I configured OpenVPN, generating certs, etc. GUI shows the VPN is running. I copied the client package to USB and installed on my Ubuntu 22.10 daily driver. However, when I attempt to connect to the VPN, it never connects. The ipfire GUI shows disconnected and the dd spins until it fails.

Happy to provide whatever logs might be needed…I’m not seeing anything in the logs that helps me but will admit I’m not great with networking.

I guess I solved it myself by using the “unsecure” client package instead of the secure one.

In case, you might find this useful to setup again the roadwarrior connection using the secure package: How to set up a roadwarrior config in OpenVPN, using "OpenVPN connect" for Android and iOS - #9 by cfusco