ASIX ax88179_178a USB-to-LAN adapter unusable after Core Update 170


Upgraded today from 169 to 170 and did a restart. Afterwards my connection to my dmz (from any network) drops after a few minutes and won´t come back.

Nothing changed in my setup. After restarting ipfire all is fine for the next minutes and it drops again.

Any hints for debuging this?

Reproduceable: connection lost, ipfire restart and all is fine again.

I would look at the logs of your orange zone machines as well as IPFire logs, e.g.:

grep orange0 /var/log/messages
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Nothing special to see in the logs. Right now it’s working as intended. Will report back if it fails again. Strange since I didn’t change anything :slight_smile:


well, this sounds like a driver issue with the NIC in question, but that is only a suspicion of mine. :slight_smile:

If this issue persists, please…

  • post your Fireinfo profile here (so we can see which NICs are used in combination with which drivers)
  • tell us if you use the IPS, and if so, which rulesets are enabled
  • what’s logged in /var/log/messages around the time the issue appears (not only related to orange0)

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

“deviceclass”: “255/255/0”,
“driver”: “ax88179_178a”,
“model”: “1790”,
“subsystem”: “usb”,
“vendor”: “0b95”

Thought about a kernel/driver issue too.


Sep 16 18:20:00 ipfire kernel: ax88179_178a 3-1:1.0 orange0: ax88179 - Link status is: 1
Sep 16 18:20:02 ipfire ntpd[11575]: Listen normally on 9 orange0
Sep 16 18:32:39 ipfire kernel: ax88179_178a 3-1:1.0 orange0: ax88179 - Link status is: 0
Sep 16 18:32:41 ipfire ntpd[11575]: Deleting interface #9 orange0,, interface stats: received=0, sent=0, dropped=0, active_time=759 secs
Sep 16 18:32:43 ipfire kernel: ax88179_178a 3-1:1.0 orange0: ax88179 - Link status is: 1
Sep 16 18:32:43 ipfire kernel: ax88179_178a 3-1:1.0 orange0: ax88179 - Link status is: 0
Sep 16 18:32:47 ipfire kernel: ax88179_178a 3-1:1.0 orange0: ax88179 - Link status is: 1
Sep 16 18:32:47 ipfire kernel: ax88179_178a 3-1:1.0 orange0: ax88179 - Link status is: 0
Sep 16 18:32:51 ipfire kernel: ax88179_178a 3-1:1.0 orange0: ax88179 - Link status is: 1
Sep 16 18:32:52 ipfire ntpd[11575]: Listen normally on 10 orange0

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this is it:

For some reason, the kernel thinks the link of that NIC starts flapping. Unless we are dealing with a hardware failure (out of pure coincidence happening after upgrading to Core Update 170 :upside_down_face: ), this indeed sounds very much like a driver issue.

Unfortunately, there were no reports regarding such issues while C170 was still in the testing phase. Therefore, I guess this at least does not affect a significant portion of NICs out there, but is disappointing nevertheless.

While I doubt we have sufficient space in upcoming C171 left to ship a new kernel, I’ll investigate whether this relates to an issue already reported upstream.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller



well these commits in the changelog of Linux 5.15.61 look pretty much related:

  • 635fd8953e4309b54ca6a81bed1d4a87668694f4
  • 4499288694751ddb63e5529e91fe67d9fe298d64

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

The commit solved one problem but created another: It causes a
use-after-free in USB Ethernet drivers aqc111.c, asix_devices.c,
ax88179_178a.c, ch9200.c and smsc75xx.c:

* If the drivers receive a link change interrupt immediately before
  disconnect, they raise EVENT_LINK_RESET in their (non-sleepable)
  ->status() callback and schedule usbnet_deferred_kevent().
* usbnet_deferred_kevent() invokes the driver's ->link_reset() callback,
  which calls netif_carrier_{on,off}().
* That in turn schedules the work linkwatch_event().

You are right! Oh dear …

I think I can confirm having the same issue after updating to 170.
I’ve got two AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet (ax88179_178a) USB3-ethernet adapters. One for red and one for orange.
Just after the update all worked well, but a couple of hours later I first lost the connection on orange then a few minutes later red was also down. After a restart they worked - for about an hour. Restarted IPFire. Then it worked for a while and so on - until I pulled the IPFire 170 SDD out and reinstalled IPFire 169 from backup on another SSD.
Willy Sejr

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all requests to ‘red’ seems to be dropped since Update 170

Sep 17 02:36:47 ipfire kernel: DMAR: [DMA Write NO_PASID] Request device [00:02.0] fault addr 0x9f323000 [fault reason 0x05] PTE Write access is not set
Sep 17 02:36:47 ipfire kernel: DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status reg 3

i’m sure theres no hardware failure.
Had Core 169 before - and everything worked.

/Edit: where can I get update 169, so that external connections work again?


I have the same issue with this hardware
“deviceclass”: “255/255/0”,
“driver”: “ax88179_178a”,
“model”: “4a00”,
“subsystem”: “usb”,
“vendor”: “2001”
I rollback to C169 and everything is fine.
Thank you

I dowloaded Core 169 from here:

Willy Sejr

I have reinstalled with my backup of 169, I have just one remark, networks were not setup to the right network cards. I have to login as admin in the console, run /usr/sbin/setup and redo the network configuration by doing what is describe here . - Step 5: Network Setup

I noticed the same when I restored from my 169 backup
I pretty much sure I used the right iso containing settings, because I was prompted if I wanted to install these during the process.
But upon reading the wiki guide on backup, I’m wondering if the network adapter setup is included :thinking:

Reinstall for my apu is a hassle. Is there a comfortable way to downgrade the kernel itself?

Would buy another eth usb dongle if someone can recommend one that just works :slight_smile:

Bought an Hama adapter (RTL 8153 chip), hopefully there are no more surprises :slight_smile:

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I also got similar problems after 170 with dongels, I have - Profile 72a721ca22ee04f59b30ada2f17f4a85fb1ebd07

Hi all,

thank you very much for the discussion here! :slight_smile:

Apparently, that affected ASIX chipset is used quite a lot (but not in the USB-LAN-adaptors I use, otherwise, I would have noticed during testing :expressionless: ), and upcoming Core Update 171 is currently at 39 MBytes, I will definitely try to add the latest 5.15.x kernel, to have this resolved sooner rather than later.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


If Ichange my usb network card ASIX to an usb network card RTL8153, it will work (see previous message). I just have to relaunch /usr/sbin/setup to map network to network card? Drivers are already available or I have to make a clean setup of ipfire and then apply a backup configuration?

Thank for your help

+1 for this issue.

RED : “usb: ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet”

I am lucky to get 10 mins before DNS just dies and I have to restart networking to get it working again, reverting to 169.

Edit: Workaround by stealing a USB dongle from a Mac with a Realtek chipset in it, so didn’t roll back in the end.

As I had very limited time, I did a Quick and Dirty downgrade as described in this post: