Apcupsd - UPS Server WUI page Addon

Hello community,

we are about to migrate the IPCop UPS Server Addon for IPFire.

Here are some screenshots:

Your Feedback is welcome.



Hi sfeddersen,
like ever, it looks great. Is there already a package available ?



Hi ummeegge,

at the moment there is no package available.



OK, so this is just a survey…



Yes, there is still a lot to consider and adjust and so I would first like to estimate how many users think such an addon is useful.

I had the same problem with my footer addon, where I invested a lot of time and nobody really showed any interest in it.




That´s a little sad to hear, even i would like some more infos in the footer (there was also another project in the old forum) but haven´t recognized that you worked also on it…

I think in mostly cases it is pretty nice to have an web user interface for addons :+1: , IMHO if in the community portal is not that much response (have had it many times in the forum) it might be great if you go also to the dev mailinglist with your work. I would be happy if you make this again also with the footer project (may here also too to have some reference for the mailinglist).

The UPS WUI looks really really great, would be happy if it is available for IPFire.




Looks great. Could be useful for me and my customers.

Very cool I currently have a UPS but without plugging in anywhere because of the complexity of implementing the current addon. Your development looks very practical and greatly simplifies the implementation. It would be nice to have him among us.

A question. Is it possible to configure the IPFire shutdown when it reaches a certain load threshold?. To make a good shutdown. <-- I have seen the option in the screenshots in German.


this addon will be very usefull for me.

I’m interested too.
I have already made some experiments with “nut”, but had not enough time for it. So your plugin would be great and if it’s possible i can do tests and give feedback.

+1 looks nice an interesting

@sfeddersen - excellent job with the monitoring and graphs! +1 for me!

I have a CyberPower PFC Sinewave CP1500PFCLCD that I purchased for the firewall & network hub (and a few other small items). I’m guessing the CyberPower is not compatible with the APC products or the addon you’ve created.

If it is compatible, I would be VERY interested in what you’ve created. Like @snoozonica, I’ve experimented with the Network UPS Tools (NUT) addon but I did not get very far.

I’m using nut server here already and wished I had such a gui.

On the other side if apcupsd won’t run as a server providing my other devices (Synology NAS) with battery information, apcupsd won’t be of much help for me.



Great job!


Hi Stephan,

I too would be very interested in this addon.

FYI, I currently use NUT for my MGE / Eaton Pulsar Evolution 800 UPS.

Best, Stephane

I, for one, would be EXTREMELY interested in having this available in IPFire. It was one of the add-ons which was sorely missed when we migrated from IPCop. nut is not apcups and much harder to use. The graphs this add-on provides are invaluable.

Best regards,

FWIW, i agree with people who congrats to @sfeddersen for his job and would like to have a taste of this package.
Also, the implementation of NUT into IPFire (without graphs for load, tension, runtime and events) is lacking of features that i find interesting.

Hi @sfeddersen - This looks very cool and I’m looking forward to using it! My OpenMediaVault 4.x NAS has a very nice integration of “nut” with statistics and graphs an all that jazz and I’d love to see something similar in IPFire based on “apcupsd”. Keep on the good work! :slight_smile:


very nicely done I currently have a BlueWalker PowerWalker VI 3000 RLE usv

I could imagine switching to an apc usv which apc supports exactly. It should be at least 19 inches

I am interested too. All my systems run with APC and it would be great to have this for IPFire.