Zabbix template for IPFire

I created a set of Zabbix templates to monitor IPFire general stats (Available entropy, state of RNG), services (default IPFire services and possible Addon services), Network stats (Line quality, Open Connections, Firewall hits) and also integrated @starkstromkonsument’s Pakfire template.

For the service states/information I created a Perl script for use by the Zabbix agent, based on the code found in the IPFire webUI services.cgi.

You can find my work here:

Please feel free to comment here or suggest features or problems with it on github.


The platform was removed by Zabbix in favor of the Zabbix community-templates Github repository. Hence the above url to will no longer work.

My IPFire Zabbix template is however recently accepted into the Zabbix community-templates repository so next to my own Github repository, the template can now also be found at:

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Hi @robinr1
I think it would be goid to also include the zabbix community template link into the zabix wiki page.

The current link in the wiki links to my own gitlab repo, which is normally the same template as in the Official Zabbix community templates repository (and may even be more recent at some point as I will continue development there and there will always be a delay in submitting changes to the community templates repo.)

I have also submitted a request for this IPFire template to be listed on the Zabbix Integrations platform; When/if that is accepted by the Zabbix team, I will put a link on the wiki to the Zabbix Integrations page for IPFire.