XCRYPT_2.0' not found. sshd not started

Anyone know what is needed to supply xcrypt so that the SSH server will work? I have looked at the add-ons and found nothing I thought would supply that library. I consulted wiki on most to make sure I knew what they were to do in ipfire. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Please just re-install the Core Update from testing and you will have the library.

I thought I knew how to re-install the Core Update. I guess I don’t know how. I changed my repository from testing to stable and had it to update and make changes. Then I switched back to the testing repository and updated and let it run again. All of that made no difference. So, as I said, I must not know “HOW” to re-install. If you can link me with a wiki or some other site that will describe what I must do I would be very grateful. Again, thanks for the answer and for helping.

convo from April 2020

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