Wrong dialin password after loosing dsl sync


i have a strange problem with my new vdsl2 connection. From time to time my modem (Draytek Vigor 166) loose the syncronisation to it’s dslam and so i get offline. The modem is configured as bridge and IPFire does the dialin.
If i don’t recognise the offline state because i’m at the office, the IPFire is not able to reconnect. In the RED Log i only get this messages:

12:48:08 pppd[8425]: Plugin rp-pppoe.so loaded.
12:48:08 pppd[8425]: RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p compiled against pppd 2.4.8
12:48:08 pppd[8425]: pppd 2.4.8 started by root, uid 0
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: PPP session is 698
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: Connected to 00:31:46:07:23:81 via interface red0.7
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: Using interface ppp0
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: Connect: ppp0 <–> red0.7
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: PAP authentication failed
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: Modem hangup
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: Connection terminated.
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: Sent PADT
12:48:44 pppd[8425]: Exit.

After i called the provider to give me a feedback, they told me the connection could not be establised because of wrong credentials (password). So i re entered the password in the ipfire wui and the dial in works again!
And i truley enter always the same password by copy&pase from my password manager!

I don’t have an idear where to start a analysis. Can someone give me a hint, where to start or what to check?
The system runs core 150 an was newly installed with core149.


Some minutes ago i had the same problem again. But now i had the time to do some research:

I found the file /var/ipfire/ppp/secrets with this content:
‘LoginUsername@domain.de’ * ‘’

After i entered the password in the web interface, it looked like this:
‘LoginUsername@domain.de’ * ‘TopSecretPasswordInPlainText’

And the connection could be established :slight_smile:

So the question is, how could the password get cleard? Any idears?
I gone have a look the next days to the file to see, when it will be empty again.


thanks for posting about this here.

Could you please file a bug report for this issue at https://bugzilla.ipfire.org/ (your login credentials work there as well) so we can keep track of this?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Done :slight_smile:

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