WPAD on BLUE (groan)

So getting WPAD working on BLUE is killing me.
This is what I have, but the clients just don’t seem to be able to get the config file from
WGET (Windows)/PowerShell Invoke-webrequest just time out on the connection.
The file is there as “wget” on the fw works. So something appears to be blocking the client request, but not seeing anything on the logs.
IPFire Green:, Blue:
Web proxy



Did you enable the blue access?

Yes and it’s providing leases.

I’ve just checked the proxy log and it appears some clients are getting the wpad.dat.
Should it just be the name, rather than the full URL and also when I hover over the /wpad.dat entry, it shows as ‘’ !

To troubleshoot I always have a console open to IPFire with tail -f /var/log/messages (ctrl+c to exit) and then I trigger whatever problem I am trying to troubleshoot. In your case, I would try to wget wpad file from blue and see in real time what’s happening with IPFire kernel.


Getting IPs via DHCP works even there is no access on BLUE.


This is what I see when connecting

Drop Input means the device is not allowed to communicate with the network, so you must have missed something: WPAD on BLUE (groan) - #2 by cfusco

I want just to clarify something, because it comes up from time to time.
Wireless internet access has three stages ( in IPFire ):

  • establish connection via 802.11 ( “plugin of the wireless cable” )
  • connection to the blue network ( usually per DHCP )
  • routing to WAN ( firewall rules defined with access to blue )