WLanAP hostapd AR9380 download speed half slower


I have two identical wifi cards AR9380, full size.
One is in Win laptop, another card is in laptop with ipfire.

Download speed from ipfire smb to Win is twice slower. In 2.4 Ghz down is 9 MB/s, up is 17 MB/s. In 5 Ghz down speed is 15 MB/s, up is 30 MB/s.

If i swap card, from ipfire to win, and vice versa, nothing changes.

wlanap speed

So IPfire is transmitting with 1/2 speed and Windows with full speed.
This behavior is always the same. With neighborhood scan, 40 hz channel wide… or without.

How to achieve equal speeds??

How other wifi cards behave? Is this half download speed normal?