Wish to setup new Wireless Access Point

I just bought a Netgear WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX202). It is my wish to put another Ethernet card in my IPFire PC and attach the Access Point directly to that card. I believe I have read that the BLUE Access is for WiFi. To make a long story short, if my memory was correct then I need someone to reply with a “How To” link. Just the link. A URL. If it is detailed enough to walk me through it then I will be exceedingly happy. My whole issue for the last 3 years was that my WiFi was not protected by IPFire. Finally, if all is as my memory would have me to believe, I will have protected WiFi.
Anyone familiar with this particular W.A.P. and IPFire that has knowledge that goes beyond the standard setup I would be VERY grateful if you could post that URL (link) as well.
Thank you in advance of any help you can render.

here is the link:

Type in setup to get started!

Have fun!

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Thank you VERY much. It is what I was thinking. I will set it up Tuesday. I am so happy and relieved that I will now be able to protect both my WiFi and my LAN. I have been desiring this protection for a long time now.
Again, I wish to gratefully THANK YOU for your much needed assistance. I wish you the best!

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I guess I missed the “compatible wireless card” in my reading. This is not a card. This doesn’t plug into a PCI slot. This is a business WiFi Access Point that uses a RJ-45 connector. So, I guess I am being told that there is no way to setup a regular network card as “BLUE” and plug an Access Point like I bought into it and it work similar (if not the same) as the WiFi card discussed in your Wiki. If I am misunderstanding again please inform me but according to the Wiki only USB and PCI wireless can be used. If this is true then I am still without the IPFire protection for my wireless that I have been hoping to put into service for a LONG time now. Sorry that I am not a professional at this. I am “learn as I go”. Again, thank you for all your excellent help.

This is what I have so I know it is possible! ( I do not have a wifi card )

You’ll need an additional ethernet port for the BLUE network. Is your IPFire device expandable ?


It is expandable. I had a network card in it just for BLUE but I couldn’t get it to work and the wiki said nothing about a separate Access Point nor did it mention a RJ-45 connection. FYI I do have the network card (I have now removed it from the PC) but I see no way to use it. I did get a surprise as a result of trying to set up BLUE on that network card. IPFire kept telling me it was an error trying to use that card and it was not enabling it. When I removed it IPFire told me that BLUE was now active and my access point was working like I had been trying to set it up. Only, now it was using the switch instead of a separate network card. It is connected direct to GREEN but it has somehow isolated itself. So far it is the most secure WiFi setup I have ever had. But, it still seems to me that the AP being on it’s own separate network card would be even more secure. I have reached the point of just leaving everything as it is because I don’t know anything else to try.

Did you have your blue nic assigned in setup?
3 nic cards ?
Blue, green, red.
From console run setup.
Check nic assignment
What does your zone setup look like.

Your blue nic and green nic
Would ideally not share a switch.
Your blue nic could go strait to your AP. No switch needed.

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Each configured interface requires a port or device. Each configured interface is just that, an interface. BLUE is only locked to WIFI when using a wireless adapter plugged into your IPFIRE as I believe it is the only one hostapd is preset to use.
You can use any wired interface however you see fit. The trick to going against the interface preassigned grain is getting your firewall rules and routes set up correctly.

Anyway, back to wireless access. If you bought an AP with an Ethernet port then you need somewhere to plug it in on the other end. The AP cannot go to the same switch as GREEN unless the switch is L2 and supports VLAN’s since these are two separate subnets.

You can stack another NIC in the box or better go with a nice 4 port Gb NIC. I personally use a PoE 4 port Gb NIC since my AP is PoE and don’t want to use a separate injector.

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I did not Know that was a thing.Very cool and pricey.
What model card do you have?

I use a SIIG LB-GE0811-S1. Pricey but worth it in my opinion.