Wireless client priority wrongly documented

In my ipfire setup, I’m using multiple wifi networks as wireless client. I setup every wifi network with different priority.
After some testing and rebooting, It turned out, that wifi networks with higher priority numbers are preferred over wifi network with lower priority numbers.

So it’s quite opposite as described in documentation wireless client and wireless client setup page.

Can devs double check my findings and make fixes in documentation and wireless client setup page.

Also documentation for wpa_supplicant confirms my findings.

You are right.
Wiki is fixed.

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Hi @bruma ,

Could you raise a bug for the wireless client setup page to be fixed. That way the problem gets recorded and will be worked on when resources are available to do so.

Link to IPFire bugzilla is https://bugzilla.ipfire.org/ and your IPFire People login details work there as well.

It was not a bug in the setup page, but in the documentation in the wiki.

Hi Bernhard,

It was both. If you look on the wiki page diagram it shows 0 with “most preferred” next to it. It should say “least preferred”. You made a good change to the wording but to get a new diagram the code needs to be changed first.
I have found the cgi page for it and confirmed that it is coded with “most preferred” against 0 and “least preferred” against 4, so it should be quite an easy fix.

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Yes, it was both. I submitted bug 12571 – Wireless Client Configuration - priority should be opposite.

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That’s great. I have had a look at the code and it is a very simple change to make.

I have just seen that @arne_f has been assigned to it, so I will leave it to him.