WIO - When should it send emails?

I have started to use WIO in a standard setup.
DMA has been configured and is working.

WIO sends emails at random times. It seems to be sent if a ping target is gone, however that behavior is not consistent, it is a random email being sent.
The uptime of the link and IPFire is 100%, the uptime of the receiving mail-server is 100% and the test emails always work.

How should WIO work and when does it actually send emails?

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There are two envelope icons on the WIO page for each client entry.


If the envelopes have a red line through them as the lower line in my screenshot then no email is sent for that client.

If the green envelope icon is clicked and the red line is removed then an email will be sent when that client becomes active from being inactive, ie connected with an active IP address.

If the red envelope icon is clicked and the red line is removed then an email will be sent when that client becomes inactive from being active, ie is no longer connected to the network. This could be because that client has been turned off or if it is a laptop, has had its ethernet cable unplugged or its wifi disconnected.

So you can get emails for a client for when it comes online and when it goes offline or just for one of those situations or you can disable emails for a particular client completely.

What is the subject and content of the email that WIO is sending you?


Thank you for your response!

The setup is as follows

The message sent
Date : Mon, 12.02.2024 20:45:00

First Message:
Date : Mon, 12.02.2024 20:45:00
Client : netgear
IP : 192.168.1.nnn
Status : Inactive
Second Message
Date : Mon, 12.02.2024 21:00:00
Client : netgear
IP : 192.168.1.nnn
Status : Active

This message is not sent for all changes, that is why I consider it to be random.

I normally don’t have email sending turned on for my WIO as it is a home network and I know if I have turned on or off my machines.

I turned on the email notification for my laptop. I then turned the laptop on and 3 minutes later I got an email notification. It will not be instantaneous as WIO only checks the status of the clients periodically. The default is 15 minutes. I have mine set to 5 minutes but I don’t have a large number of clients.

The email message I got had the following subject

Subject WIO - laptop1.domain.org - Active

and the content of the email was

Date	 : Fri, 16.02.2024 09:45:01

Client	 : laptop1.domain.org
IP	     :
Status	 : Active

What do you have the checking time set at. Is it the default 15 minutes.

If so then if a client becomes active and then inactive again within that 15 minutes period nothing will be shown or emailed as WIO only knows the status as a snapshot at the time it checks it.

Do you have the configuration of WIO set to send statusmails as a collected mail. It looks like it as your message has both the active and inactive info provided with 15 minutes between…

If you turn on and off your equipment very frequently you might want to put the checking time down to 5 minutes from the default 15 minutes.

If you are testing out the sending of emails you need to leave the machines on for at least the length of time you have the check interval set for.


The items that are off-line have passed 15 minutes. The granularity is sufficient.
The current setting is as “Single mails”.
I will set it to “Collected mails” to check the behavior.

Which file stores the status data of WIO?

I am pretty sure there is no file storing the status. It will likely be a hash variable in the perl code for the WIO page in the web user interface.