WIO Status page - Poll on DDNS entries shown

Hallo all users of WIO,

Currently in the WAN-connection status section of WIO it shows all the created DDNS entries. They are shown colour coded and currently include any that have been created but disabled.

Entries are colour coded

  • green (enabled and hostname points to current IP)
  • red (enabled and an update of some sort is required)
  • blue (disabled)

A bug has been raised requesting to have it changed so that only the enabled DDNS entries will be shown on the WIO status page.

I don’t have a particular view one way or the other. I am happy enough with how WIO is now but if it was to be changed so disabled entries were not shown I would also be okay with that.

As this is not a functional bug, where something is not working correctly and needs to be fixed, but more of an aesthetic view on what should be shown on the page, I am requesting input from all WIO users on whether you have a preference or not.

WIO status page
  • Include disabled DDNS entries
  • Exclude disabled DDNS entries

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