Will the root partition be grown on an existing install?

IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 165 says:

Because of the growth of the operating system, the root partition of the flash image has been increased to 1800 MiB. This is the minimum to install the system and will be grown to the full size of the storage device on first boot.

Could someone please confirm that this only affects new installs and not existing installs?

Because I like to make my life interesting(!) I am running a virtual machine off a second partition on my IPFire box. However there is 10’s of gigabytes free in root, so I do not need my root filesystem expanded.

I had a quick search through github and found reference to a /.partresize file being created by flash-images so I think that I should be safe, but I would love it if someone could please confirm.

Thanks so much!

This is the flash image for new installs that has been changed. Existing installs are updated via the Pakfire Core Update process and will not have any change in partitions.

This message is to let people, using the flash image for installs, know that the minimum size of storage device for a system using the flash image has to now be 1800MiB. For people using larger storage then the first reboot after the install expands the system to use all the available space.

If your system is an existing install then you don’t have to worry. Mounted partitions can’t be re-partitioned and the Core Update process works on your mounted partitions.
That is why people who have the old partition structure from 2018 or earlier have to do a re-install to get any changes.


Thank you @bonnietwin