Will IPFire work on Qotom 4 Q355G4?

Bought it’s on the web today hoping that it’s gonna work with IP fire can someone confirm. I am assuming since it is advertised to run PFsense it should be able to run Ipfire perfectly fine or to the same degree? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Just already assuming I can run almost any Linux distro soon I’m assuming it basically will work with this? Decent assumption lol? Has four Ethernet ports so me likes

Qotom 4 LAN Mini Pc I5 Q355G4 5Th Generation Intel Core I5-5200U AES-NI 8Gb Ddr3 Ram 16Gb Ssd, 4 Intel LAN,X86 Mini PC

Did you take a read on that?

Hi pike I have but it’s a different model number the model and version I’m providing has completely updated specifications. Extra ram etc the specs are listed below.

IMVHO it should work. Flawlessly? I cannot be faithful on that.
Most depends on the quality of the BIOS/UEFI and the other firmware implementations on the board.
So, most of the chipset, lan interface, memory controller, etc etc are… quite the same.

Thank you for your advice,
Yea I thought it would work better than what someone had specified earlier but I was aware maybe not flawlessly but for basic firewall Suport or to learn more about firewalls I thought it would be a good start.

Yes… and no. IpFire is not “for dummies”.
Or better: firewalling/security/network design is not for dummies par sè, so you should know a bit of the sh*t to manage it correctly. IpFire is not that tough to manage, but there are other linux distros for firewalling a bit easier to “get started”.
In any case, any distro/firewall solution has its philosophy, so you should what you would like to do, how to get there, then learn how the distro’s solution is made for doing something that (quite) works in the first steps.
It takes time, I know, but the time spent to write down

  • goals
  • path
  • structure

it will ease you on so much time in troubleshoting the bad initial design. Or recreate something that should works on a different platform.
I had to do that, few times.

Please, keep us posted on your experience on this piece of hardware, if you buy it.

I have already bought it I’m just waiting for it to come and then I will keep everyone posted and check it out.

I am aware I don’t have All of the knowledge to dive right in but I know that with my drive and wanting to learn I should most likely be able to all of the knowledge to dive right in but I know that with my drive and wanting to learn I should most likely be able to slowly make moves.

It SHOULD work, I would just make sure that the BIOS firmware is fully up to date before attempting an IPFire install.

I’m running IPFire on a similar generation platform, an Intel J3455 SOC platform and I’m UEFI booting IPFire just fine. But I needed a BIOS update to get everything working smoothly on the UEFI side. Keep us posted on how this turns out.

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Thank you everyone, I have decided to take on this task as a covid project. I just am assuming since Amazon listed it as working with PFSense, I want to take on the challenge of getting this to work. I will keep everyone posted as the second it comes, i will open it up and start setting it up.

Hello everyone I need help I got refunded the money for this as amazon does not have this and its back logged can someone recommend hard ware that is similar to this to use with IPFire?

Edit: Decided to go with another version of the device listed on amazon as available


or have a look here:


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Thank you was unable to find this model in NA unless amazon does not list it but did find it on the .de site