Will IPfire do this?


I have just inherited a networking issue. School has a cellular internet connection where the router is hardcoded to a 192.168.1.x address range. The school network is a completely different subnet range [10.76.192.x] I thought if I set a virtual machine with two interfaces, one in each network the lan would be able to surf the internet via the cellular router. I tried it with opnsense and it worked except that I got really eratic behaviour with DNS lookups. [A DNS lookup worked once every 2,3,4,5 attempts]. If I download IPfire will it be able to allow surfing for the network? Can someone please give a 30 second break down to point me in the right direction please?



Hi and welcome to IPFire.

I would say IPFire does of course support this. I do not see where there are any special circumstances.

Just configure RED to a static IP address in the 192.168… subnet and set the default gateway to the IP address of the cellular router.

Then configure the GREEN network as you need to and you should be online.


Thanks for the reply. IPcop worked a treat and didnt have that weird DNS issue I was having with opnsense. Thank you.


Wait, you just installed IPCop? That outdated piece of software?


My apologies, I installed IPfire, just having a senior moment. If I have offended anyone please excuse me.


LOL. No I just was a bit shocked and couldn’t believe it.

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