Wiki - keep information up to date

Just went over that wiki after years again and had to find out that it’s outdated to 99,9%:

How do you think to keep this up to date? I don’t know, but I think it’s useless to have hardware compatibility information of build 60s that may not be given anymore. Therefore I think it’s no help to have that site at all anymore unless the users keep feeding it with information (they obviously don’t :worried:).

Updating should possible now much easier with

I don’t think so. It never happened before and won’t happen at all. People don’t even know about it and it’s too much work to keep it updated for every core build and every single adapter again.

I suggest to list the implemented modules for network cards of the latest build on that page and refer to the wiki here:

So you can find out by yourself if your device is supposed to work / being supported or not.

As long as it’s not too much work to keep that info about the modules up to date it’s an much better way to keep that info page simple, up to date, complete and actually truthfully.

I don’t think, it is enough to list the modules.
Many users even know the NICs used, but do not know the driver module responsible for these.
Thus it is necessary to keep a (up-to-date!) list sorted by NICS.

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It is, because first you have to look there for your device to find out what module/driver is needed. Than you crosscheck with the ipfire wiki article and that’s it.

Simple and relaiable to get the information.