Wiki - Editor badge

Really for me its not important because i have hidden my profile. For me its more important what people say not how many badges they have :wink:

Anyway i saw no one have any wiki badge at the moment, including myself. But normaly i must have it. So iam asking have anybody a wiki badge or is this a bug?

The wiki and Discourse are different software and the badges only exist in Discourse.

Thanks for your answer but the badge hunters out there iam sure are not happy about it :slight_smile:

If it is easy to add this to Discourse, please feel free to let me know.

Maybe i dont understand you or you dont me? Not sure. If i understand you correct there must be a separate wiki in Discourse to get the Wiki badge. But only 1 standalone wiki exists. Thats why i say the badge hunters thing because the Wiki badge makes no sense at the moment. No one can get it.

I dont know if its easy to change there anything. Iam no developer in noway. All what i can do for the community is give a little help of things what i personally know, or reporting things i see, that look strange for me. Its not much…

Also i want remember to the beginning of my post. 1 badge 1000 badges i personally dont care about it :wink: