Wiki article on SystemV

I have in my notes a rough first draft for how SystemV works and how to write scripts that go beyond the simple rc.local use (which I have finally documented).

@jon (and everyone else) should I polish it to be a document for the wiki? If yes, can I ask to create a stub so that it is well integrated in the wiki structure? I am not sure it is appropriate for the wiki, therefore, her I am asking for directions.

Looks good!

The only thing I would add is a link to traditional “System V init system”. I am not familiar with that so I am guessing someone else would be in the same boat.


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@jon do you mean an external link or should I write an entry for the wiki (which was my original question)?

I misunderstood. I thought you were asking about the web page linked.

You ask tough questions!

Without seeing the document I would suggest just adding what you wrote concerning System V to the rc.local page. I am guessing it is a paragraph or two…

My notes are based on the idea of writing a script that is not simply called at the end of the boot process by rc.local, but is integrated in the loading and unloading orders of scripts during the boot or shut down process. It is made to start and stop always-on process or services. Something like that has been discussed in the past (e.g. Been hours trying... Please help me start a sciprt on boot. rc.local, init.d, rcX.d. cant get any to work. Please - #3 by tilde88).

This is stuff that is more in the domain of the system developers and less in the domain of system administrators, as rc.local probably covers the vast majority of cases. If I were to create a detailed tutorial assuming only a cursory knowledge of SystemV, it would require one pretty long document. That’s why I was not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze. Also because I have another project I still need to finish and post here in the forum.

I will drop this for now.

Thank you.