WIFI Router Error Message?

Since upgrading to Core 161, the WIFI on one of my routers gives the following error messages about every 10 seconds in the Firewall.log file…

Destination = 443(HTTPS)
or 443(HTTPS)

The Source PC works fine when connected to another WIFI router on another IPFire PC.
Is this a bad WIFI router or a bad IPFire PC ?


the destination is somewhere at Google:

[root@maverick ~]# location lookup
  Network                 :
  Country                 : United States of America
  Autonomous System       : AS15169 - GOOGLE

While I’ve occasionally seen false positives IPS rule hits in conjunction with Google destinations (I wonder what they are doing there), I’m not quite sure I understood your setup correctly:

  • Are the WiFi networks provided by IPFire? If not, where are the APs located in your network setup?
  • Does the source PC not work anymore after upgrading to Core Update 161?
  • (Perhaps a silly question, but hey:) Have you rebooted the IPFire machine in question after the upgrade?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Swapped IPfire PC’s and WIFI problem disappeared.
Went back to original IPFire PC and problem still gone.
Suspect a bad wire or connection somewhere, but testing will continue.

Config is IPFire PC…WIFI Router on Green interface…Hardwire and WIFI user PC’s connected to WIFI router…Thus the WIFI router does the WIFI work, and the IPFire PC protects both Hardwire and WIFI user PC’s.

Thanks for the info.

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