Wifi gets stuck at "Connecting"

Hi, I have been using an HP Elite 8300 desktop computer with a D-Link wifi card for the red zone, and the computer’s Ethernet for the green zone, for a couple of years now with IPFire.
It generally works very well and I am happy with the performance.
But I just did a fresh install on this computer (Same hardware) of IPfire 166 and the Wifi status stays at “Connecting” and I never made a connection.
I did not have this issue with 165.
Also in the past, sometimes when I was running a version of IPFire, and it was working fine and then I updated IPFire to latest version, then Wifi also gets stuck at “Connecting”.

Any help with this is much appreciated. Eg I dont know how to troubleshoot this problem using IPFire. Are there any menu or command line commands to start to troubleshoot?

Thanks ahead of time…

First of all in your situation I would roll back to build 165 and verify that it works with that build.
Also check the firewall log via webui in ‘protocols → system protocol files → section: RED’.

Also give information about the wifi adapter by posting the output of the console:
usb device: lsusb
pcie device: lspci

Hi Terry, thanks very much for your help. I will go back to 165 and do your suggestions and report back.

I think CU 165 (with CU 164) is one of the builds that has backup code issues. the backup code issues were fixed in CU 166.

Keep in mind CU 166 only fixed two issues, One being the backup issue.


Hi @Terry
Thanks again for your suggestions. Instead of trying to get my wifi card to work with IPFire, I bought an access point device to take in wifi and output via Ethernet to my IPFire box. This is working well, it works fine with the latest rev of IpFire.

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