WIFI driver issue with ipfire x86


I’m kind of lost because I don’t know the issue. In short words: please find the 3 different ipfire systems for private use in my profile signature. I use WIFI on red with an WWAN station (LTE/4G).

I have an issue with this product: https://www.amazon.de/1200Mbps-Bluetooth-Empfänger-Schneller-Notebook/dp/B08M37KWZV/ref=dp_prsubs_1?pd_rd_i=B08M37KWZV&psc=1

2 of the devices (RPI 4B + CM4) run ipfire ARM64 build 166 and work find with the wifi adapter. The hardware is recognized and connects to the wwan station.

1 of the devices is an x86 system with the latest ipfire build 166 for x86-64 systems. The hardware is recognized well, too but it never connects to the wwan station.

I’ve got the same wlan adapter 3 times and cross checked them all with every device. The situation stays always the same. The arm devices have no problem connecting to the wwan station. The x86 system is stupid and does not connect. Whenever I use a different (older and less powerfull) wifi adapter with the x86 system it connects to the wwan station without any problems. So I guess it’s an driver issue within the x86 built.

Any glue to find further information about the problem?.

Regards Terry

Someone will need to know the chip inside to be able to assist.

Hopefully this will help identify it. See:

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this is odd indeed. :expressionless:

@arne_f: Do you have an idea regarding this issue?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller