Why I continue to see drop log if exist a rule with no log?

I’m adding some times rules of bad ip that i see in the drop logs, as drop rules at top of the rules list without log selection field…
but i continue to see the ip in the drop firewall logs…

Why this happen?
Thank you.

Example? There is a bug with Hosts/Network config for iptables that doesn’t make the rules take affect at all.

No example needed…

Set a drop rule with no log. and the drop log for the same ip appear in the firewall log.

Which is the command to print out applied firewalls rules?

Oops your talking about something totally different :rofl:.

Login via SSH or direct access and type in " iptables -L"

Here you go with a quite good explanation how to use iptables: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-list-and-delete-iptables-firewall-rules

The rules from the terminal are the same of the webinterfaces
therefore are loaded correctly.