Why can't I connect to my AP physical ports?

Whenever I try to plug a device into one of the 5 ports, i can never get it to access the internet. I have the AP in as a device in my trusted wireless group and DHCP is not on. All wireless devices can access the internet and the router can access internet to check for firmware updates.
While on the subject, I can’t access the AP admin from my green.

It seems like your AP is operating in bridge mode (or probably half-bridged, assuming you can reach the appliance WUI from its wired interfaces). In this mode, the AP is unable to route packets (IP based routing on the network layer 3) and can only forward them directly to the MAC addresses of wireless devices (layer 2 data-link). This is why you’re unable to access the AP’s admin page from your green network. Additionally, being in bridge mode typically restricts the device to connecting only two networks, which could be the cause of your issues with wired connections not being able to access the internet.

Edit: this message is my reply to another member of the community with a different problem. The AP is set in routing mode. Just to give you some more context on the trade-off between setting the AP in routing or bridged mode.

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My AP (Netgear RAX200) is in AP mode. I tried bridge but it turned off wifi. My ISP router is in bridge mode. After switching back to AP mode, now I can’t access the AP admin at all from anywhere, but the wireless devices are working ok and now I think the pots are working. I don’t know, networking frustrates the hell out of me cause I don’t know enough.

“AP mode” is a term without a precise definition. My interpretation from what you are describing is that “AP mode” might refer to full bridging. If you cannot access the configuration page from anywhere, then “AP mode” likely means it’s in full bridge mode between one of the wired ports and the WIFI interface, while disabling all the other ethernet ports. Full bridging is operating on layer 2 and repackages the ethernet frames from one side of the bridge, sending the frame to the other bridged interface. In a full bridge mode, only a factory reset will allow you to access the Web User Interface of the appliance again.

Half-bridge (called also IP-passthrough) would be the same, except for the other wired ports operating in router mode on layer 3. In this case, you should be able to access the config page from a laptop plugged to a spare ethernet port.

If instead “AP mode” means that the appliance assigns IP addresses through an internal DHCP server, then it’s routing and operating on layer 3, but in this case you should be able to access its config page from both wired and wireless interfaces.

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