Which version of OpenVPN works with IPFire 2.27?

IPFire 2.27 runs as OpenVPN server.
I try to connect to IPFire
by using OpenVPN GUI 2.5.6 (community edition)
under Windows 10.

I download the certificate for a user (*.p12 file) and OpenVPN profile (*.ovpn file).
Then I import them into OpenVPN GUI.
It’s working.

Later, I try to connect to IPFire
by using OpenVPN Connect 3.3.6
under Windows 10.

I import the same certificate and the same OpenVPN profile.
Then I cannot connect.

Error message: ssl_context_error:
OpenSSLContext: CA not defined

Question: Does IPFire 2.27 support OpenVPN Connect 3.3.6? Are they compatible?

In IPFire Core Update 166 openvpn-2.5.4 is being used. In Core Update 168 this will be upgraded to 2.5.6 which is the latest version.

From the OpenVPN website OpenVPN Connect 3.3.6 looks to be a windows client for connecting to an OpenVPN Connect Server but I have no idea if that is able to connect to an OpenVPN 2.5.4 or 2.5.6 Server.

I found out a bit more. The OpenVPN Connect Server is the Enterprise version while IPFire has the OpenVPN Community version. It looks like the OpenVPN Connect Client is intended for connecting to an Enterprise version of an OpenVPN Server, so I do not believe that it will work with the IPFire Community version.

I think you need to look for a different OpenVPN Windows Client.
Here is the Community OpenVPN Windows how to page.
You would only need to follow the client parts.

Thank you for your advice.

This page explains the difference between the Community and Connect versions of OpenVPN Server.


The video further down the page might be of use to you. It includes making a connection from a windows 10 machine to an OpenVPN Community Server and the client software to download and use. It occurs around 18 minutes into the video.

It also covers using the OpenVPN Connect Client to a Community OpenVPN server so it looks like I was wrong about the Connect client. It is just the Connect Server that has to be paid for.

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