What's the difference in terms of donating vs buying license subscription

For reference I’m asking about the difference between:
IPFire Open Source License - Subscriptions - Lightning Wire Labs Store and www.ipfire.org - Donate

Is there a difference in how (much) of the money makes it to the devs?
Also, the license subscription states “Running IPFire in your company but you don’t need support? Subscribe!” which suggests it doesn’t really offer anything different to a donation.

I’m assuming the donate option is more suitable for the casual / home user, whereas if someone is using it in a SoHo / business / office / commercial scenario and is willing to purchase rather than donate via a business it is easier to justify as a business expense and use it as a tax deductible item?

I have a reasons for asking, more related to the example above than wondering about how the money is filtered differently, but equally am interested if there is a substantial difference what percentage of the money the devs loose out on using either option.


Hello vincero,

thank you very much for checking out our online store :slight_smile:

The product that you discovered there is currently in a bit of a trial phase. It is indeed very similar to a donation in that sense that you will support development and all the other awesome things that a donation enables us to do.

The difference is tax law. A donation is something that doesn’t exist in most European country’s tax law for for-profit organizations and so it is impossible for many companies to support the project. The Open Source License changes that.

It is a way for businesses to support us - on a regular basis and without any extra bureaucracy. You simply buy the license and that is it. It will help both sides.

Donations will however not go away and are a great way for individuals to support us and we appreciate everyone who throws a couple of bucks into the hat. It helps us out a lot.

The money is going into the same basket on our end and will fund the project. There is no difference there.