What wifi adapters are you using?

What are some of the best wifi adapters currently supported? I have an old TP Link WDN4800 that i need to upgrade. I bought a TP link TX3000E with the AX200 chipset but it’s not supported… GRRR!

What are the communities recommendations?

Get a Access Point and connect it via LAN/cable to your BLUE network. You won’t have performance fun by the use of an internal wifi card and also some configuration troubles with parameters you will need to know for your device.


Thanks for your response. My 4800 is working, max speed is ~89 Mbps. Really wanting to get away from wires completely.

I use a grandstream ap and get ~350Mbits with Intel 7260 and ~520Mbits with Intel 9560 cards. That’s acceptable I think. With a quite modern QCA6174A in ap mode it wasn’t even 200Mbits.

is the GS managed? if so i’m assuming you use a windows pc to manage it? i was looking at some of the access point offerings, Unifi and Engenius both need software to control them that won’t run on our ipfire box.

maybe a subject for another thread, but my freenas transfers ~120MB/s wired, but only 8-10 MB/s through my wireless network. does the blue to green bridge really cut throughput that much? or should i be looking at something else in the settings?

It’s got an webinterface for configuration. I would never buy any network stuff that needs software on clients for configuration.

Normally not but that depends on your hardware performance.

I’m not a security expert but it seems to me logical not to recommend a dedicated Wifi Access Point as they run a full operating system that is often not updated after few years.

Thecross- I’m not sure of that, but I’d tend to agree… I also see the other side though, once the support window is closed, newer standards will be prevalent so why not upgrade to a new AP.

My preference is to use a wifi card as my access point. That’s why I sincerely hope we work on updating the wifi hardware compatibility… newer kernel that supports AX cards out of the box… don’t care if it has all the bells and whistles of the standard 5.x kernel.

i simply want to use wifi6 with WPA3 on my IPFire box.

In that case you will need to hide under a stone till your death. Any firmware may have backdoors, just as well known Cisco products.

now now… guys… everyone has their preference… mine is wifi card.
but regarding AP to wifi card, there is no right answer… only opinion