What web proxy Authentication Method do you use?

Packaged into IPFire are authentication methods. They can be found in the WebGUI at menu Network > Web Proxy. Scroll to the bottom of the Web Proxy screen to locate Authentication method.

I’ve created an anonymous poll and will post the results, without names, in December.

What IPFire Web Proxy Authentication method do you use?
  • None
  • Local
  • identd
  • LDAP

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You poll miss the “Active Directory” method. This is only displayed if samba is installed and joined to a AD.

I cannot update the poll without deleting the existing votes.

If you use Active Directory and want to vote, you’ll need to do a write-in vote. But this will not be anonymous.

For the record I do not use this feature yet.
Still learning. But voted based on what I would use.