What means open?

In ipfire when you look in wiki documentstiin…it says for example that green to red connctiin is open by default

Im on a green vm…so i can ping…but in browser i cant arrive to internet…neither 80 nor 443 port…

So the questuon is…which ports and servicws are
Open in ipfire by default?.. i assume that defaukt policy is deny or drop any commun8cation between different networks…


The Default firewall behaviour is Allowed. You should be able to easily access port 80 and Port 443.

Did it change to Blocked?

Or was a firewall rule added?

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I think the problem may be that it has to setup the Red → Green config…
But dont know…
I have all default no new rules…This is a image of setup of my Windows 7 client in green network, trying to access internet.

You shouldn’t need to do anything for surfing the Internet. Green to red is open and as ipfire is a statefull firewall any connections you make outgoing are allowed to reply back.

You mention that you can ping so you have access to the Internet. There is something else preventing you accessing the websites.

You could tail -f /var/log/messages and see what gets logged when you try and access a website. That might give a clue where the problem is.

According to the image you posted, you’re trying to access which will NOT work. is a DNS server, NOT a website. Just go to any normal web page like http://google.com

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This was a desperate solution, the problem is:
ping works ok
ping www.google.com gives error name not resolved…
DNS in ipfire is ( and others DNS from my ISP) and working ok
in browser doesnt work…whatever http or https website you want to access.
This is how is the green network empresa in virtualbox, i have windows 7 client in the same “empresa” network.


Have you looked at this page, wiki.ipfire.org - Oracle Virtual Box

red: bridged (gets ip from host network)
green: internal network (eg
win7 vm: connects to internal network (eg.

Hi @egutierrez

You didn’t mention before that your IPFire setup was a virtual one. So IPFire is not accessing the internet directly but via your host machine.

In your screenshot empresa is your green network on Adapter 1 using the internal network.

Can you confirm what type of network your red interface is connected to the host via. Is it a Bridged Adapter, NAT, Host-only Adapter or …

If you can’t resolve www.google.com then you have a problem with DNS even if you think it is okay. What does the DNS page say for the general working status and what is the status of each individual DNS server if you press the Check DNS Servers button. I am not sure what it will be called on your system but it is the rightmost button under the list of all DNS servers you have entered.

Also have a look at the unbound logs. You can access them from the Logs - System Logs menu by selecting unbound from the dropdown box and then pressing Update. This should tell you the status of the dns server communication.

@bonnietwin As you can see in image above the green zone, has its own internal network called “empresa”. Thats the type of the network adapter.

Some how you can see some progress…two problems have been crossed in one… Allow port 80,443 from Red to Green - #8 by egutierrez

Although my ipfire dns works ok

So i didnt need to add a dns in windows 7… as i know…