What can I expect to happen if I change DNS suffix?

Probably a silly question but I would like to change my DHCP Domain Name Suffix.

Ref wiki.ipfire.org - DHCP Server changing the example pluto.disney.org to something else. Both on GREEN and BLUE interfaces, which is the active ones.

What can I expect in terms of client behaviour?

I hope for nothing, and when NIC eventually resets, it will pick up the new one.

I think you will need to rerun setup from console.

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You mean to address hostname and domain name as specified here ? :

Last time I did that I was installing everything from scratch, I hope just doing next > next > next > kinda thing will keep my configuration.

Don’t want to start over. :face_holding_back_tears:

Only change that one item.
I’ve done this sort of thing in the past.
Everything else stayed.
Some updates in the past have messed up my nic assignment. So ran setup and fixed it quick.


K, done…

looks around … still here

It was the ONE setting in domain so it was fastly done.

WhoIsOnline still thinks I use the old stuff, even now a couple of hours later… so I disabled that one for a while as well… it is set to check every 5 minutes but maybe that is only a keepalive, not a “connection refresh”. Ah well…

Edited to correct typo from .var to var
WIO uses the domain name from the file

Check what that file is saying on your system.

After running the setup program and changing the domain name did you reboot IPFire.

It might be that the main/settings file does not get updated except at bootup.
Check the file again after reboot, if you didn’t reboot before,to see what the domain name value is.

It seems ok, listing connected devices, but now WIO do not list FQDN any more.

Seems a bit weird…

Maybe I should look at remove that, and add it again after a reboot.

@bonnietwin I do not seem to be able to list that file…

 nano /.var/ipfire/main/settings

Probably doing something wrong in SSH…

Sorry, a typo on my part. It should have been


I missed that I had typed .var

I have corrected my original post.

For the FQDN, did you update your WUI Hosts page as that has the domain manually listed for each hostname.

Also worth checking that the domain name on the WUI dhcp page has updated itself.

If you use OpenVPN and you use your domain name rather than the IP for your “Local VPN Hostname/IP:” entry then you will probably need to manually update that as well.

I thought you were above typos… :smiley:

In any case it seems ok, this is the content of that file:


As for hosts page, I only have three manual hosts entered there and all have been corrected.

No VPN is configured.

Been through all the menus in all the WUI settings and see nothing else that may need changing.

I wish. I have made my fair share of errors. An off day, or using a small telephone screen for replies etc.

With your file showing the correct domain name then I don’t understand why WIO still shows the old one.

When I looked through the code yesterday it seemed that WIO just gets that info from that file. There doesn’t seem to be any local WIO file storing the status.

When I can get the time, I will try and setup a vm IPFire with WIO installed and try changing the domain name and see if I can reproduce what you have found.
If yes, then I will try and track down what is happening.
I will feedback what I find when I have tried it out.

It might be worth trying to re-install WIO to see if that fixes it for you. It certainly won’t hurt.


Done a bit of reading of the code and for the client hostnames they are obtained when you import the clients and therefore if the domain name is changed you will need to re-import the clients.

It looks like if you select Show Table from the Import client(s) from: line then you get offered to import the client info from Hosts configuration (var/ipfire/main/hosts)? and this will then import the info from the hosts file and should update all your clients with the updated domain name in the Hosts WUI page.

So I understand the client hostname needing to be updated on the WIO clients list but still don’t understand the LAN Hostname not being updated as that looks to be obtained from the earlier filename I typo’d.


I would just like to remind you of the two files associated with the WIO settings:



I reinstalled WIO, it did not go 100% smooth, but after a couple of refresh’s it landed in place again. I did reboot before installing it again.

However, I did not check the SCAN functionality of WIO before resorting to uninstall.

It is perfectly possible that was the original source, and when I import via SCAN the BLUE and /or GREEN networks it does pick the FQDN of the devices.

So maybe that was it? it only picks FQDN when scanning?
It does actually pick FQDN from ARP import as well, but there you have to do one client at a time.

After reinstalling WIO, the backup is restored from the file

I know, but I did not want to restore a backup, I wanted to start from scratch. It was the installation in itself that had a small hickup with a timeout and something else I did not make a note of.

Hi @sec-con
Sorry for the delay in testing this out but I had some non IPFire related stuff occupying my time.

I set up the vm and ran setup from the ssh console and changed the domain name from my usual one to pluto.disney.org

Immediately after quitting from the setup program and without doing a reboot, the domain name was changed in the /var/ipfire/main/settings file and refreshing WIO immediately showed the updated FQDN for my red connection.

So I did not have the same issue you experienced of the old FQDN showing for the LAN Hostname in WIO. It was immediately changed on my system. I don’t understand what happened when it occurred for you.

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