Went from 1+Gbps to ~25Mbps

I’m not sure how or why this happened, but the speeds were cut drastically for the last 24 hours, Blue and Green. I rebooted the modem figuring it was typical ISP crap but did nothing. Then, I checked the speed directly at the modem, which was good. So I rebooted the Firewall, and all went back to normal.
Does anyone have any explanation? Do we need to do a reboot weekly? Running 178.

Without logs who knows.
I do reboot my firewall every week.

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I can give you any logs you want; I don’t know which ones would explain why this happened.

Can you have a look at the CPU activity before and after reboot? Actually, you should have a look at all graphs, searching for anomalies.

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aha…didn’t even think about load. My specs fireinfo.ipfire.org - Profile f574ed5dd8aa695467e83e32c37c2aefd580cac6

Squid culprit?

is squid the process in graph 2?

in graph 3 the colors appear to be the same.

IRQ could this not be a hardware failure / failing?