Weird accessing our external website - DNS issue?

Ok so we have recently migrated our website to bluehost. We changed firewalls (from pfsense) because well it had a bunch of old settings and made more sense to start over. So with that said something weird is going on. Totally DNS related in some way. So the way we had it setup with pfsense doesnt seem to work with ipfire. Our internal domain name is the same as our website and used to host it internally. However you cannot ping or trace route our website but will occasionally work. For instance last night would not work on Chrome from my office PC but did work in Edge. Although on our server it worked just fine in Chrome. Today it doesnt work with anything. Works fine outside the network. Any ideas here?

Welcome to IPFire.

Whether or not I might be able to help you, your network setup is quite unclear. A diagram would help. What hosts your DNS?

I might wonder whether you have a hairpin or split brain problem, but not enough information to tell yet.


IPFire has a sophisticated DNS system.
Recommend you use multiple providers for best performance.

Hey Jason - welcome to the IPFire Community!

Is DNS working in general? And you can get to every other Internet site except for your website?

If this is true, then there isn’t enough info to be able to offer advice.

A diagram would help LOTS. It would tell us if your website is in the DMZ (orange), or in zone GREEN or BLUE.

Did any Host items get added? Any Firewall Rules?

Diagrams and or Screenshots (or pictures) would be very helpful!