Web proxy transparency on 443 or more ports simultaneously

Hi, I know that in IpFire’s “Web Proxy” settings, “Transparency on Green” and “Transparency on Blue” only apply for port 80.
I wanted to know if there is a secret trick (perhaps by editing an IpFire file with software like WinSCP) to set the transparency on port 443, or better still, on multiple ports at the same time.
Thank you in advance.


this question has been asked many times before. HTTPS (Port 443) can’t be working with any proxy in transparent mode, because it’s encrypted traffic between the client and the host/target within the internet.

For your aim you will need to use at least the “normal” proxy.



What you are asking is called Squid-In-The-Middle SSL bump because squid has to literally do a man-in-the-middle attach on the encrypted connection. Meaning, it has to intercept the bits coming from each end, decrypt, encrypt with different keys, and send the bits to the other end of the tunnel.

The IPFire people years ago removed SSL-bump code because it has been ridden with security bugs over the years and would not give any advantage besides this particular application and maybe few others corner cases. You can read more info in the wiki.