Web client for IPFIRE?

There are times when I need to administer IPFIRE when there are no other PCs in convenient range (there are only secure servers in the room with the IPFIRE system).
Rather than leave the server room and use my laptop it would be convenient to start a browser on IPFIRE and connect to
Is this possible? Is there a browser that can be run from the console?
It’s probably not ideal, but it would save a lot of leg work.


/usr/local/bin/pakfire install elinks

be useful ?



it doesn’t look like elinks has been updated in 8 years…



[root@ipfire ~]# pakfire install elinks
packages_list.db     100.00% |=============================>|    4.72 KB

PAKFIRE WARN: The pak "elinks" is not known. Please try running "pakfire update".
PAKFIRE ERROR: No packages to install. Exiting...
[root@ipfire ~]# 


elinks is no longer an addon. It is now part of the core IPFire system.

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Ohh, is it :slightly_smiling_face: ? Testing system was something about Core 136 :innocent:

Hopefully it is nevertheless helpful for this topic ?



Elinks is certainly part of the core - just tried it!

Ewww – that interface takes me back 35+ years !!!

I don’t suppose that there is a GUI version ??

Thanks all


you don’t have GUI on the ipfire console – text based.

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Yes, I know :slight_smile:

Just take your laptop to the server room and use a ethernet/LAN connection.

Not allowed :frowning: No WiFi in the office either.
May have to continue using “Shanks’ (Pony) Network”.
Oh well never mind - cant be helped.
Thanks all

Is IPFire maintaining it ?

The last update by the elinks developers was 0.12pre6 released 30th Oct 2012. This is the version currently in IPFire.
Since then the elinks developers have not done anything further with it. It looks to be unmaintained now. So there is no new version to update.