WAN Upload Speed & Network Out-going Traffic

Dear Community,

My network has been very glitchy recently. After much testing over several days and several technical support calls with ISP, I came to realize that there was something happening in ipFire!

  1. Direct connect my laptop with modem (by-passing ipFire therefore), I am able to consistently getting 100 mbps down load and 20 mbps upload.

  2. The server on which ipFire is hosted has 102 mbps download consistently, but fluctuates on upload from 1 mbps to 12 mbps.

  3. Then I noticed ipFire’s Network Traffic external; my network was sending out data that took up most of the bandwidth. See the screen capture.

I do not do cloud backup, nor do we run any torrent services. How may I find out what is being sent?



ps: I just noticed from that my network is sending

Which services are activated on your IpFire installation?

We only have OpenVPN service running plus a couple of dozen firewall rules.

I reviewed the traffic history and have found that we started sending large number of data out about 10 days ago. See image. Selection_999(270)

I will check with my colleagues on any new software / services that were enabled recently.


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We found a 3rd party service installed on one of the vms that was extremely chatty. All is back normal now after stopping the software. Thanks!

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