VPN softether port 992 configuration

I have an ipFire instance properly working with red, green, orange config
I am using softether to provide VPN access to “green” network

If softether is running on any of the OSS servers and ipfire forwards port 992 to it, all works fine

I’d like to have softether running on ipFire and, for this purpose, I created an addon and successfuly install it

However, I am not sure how can i configure it
If I forward port 992 from RED to GREEN , I am getting this error

Several VPN Servers on the same IP address. You can specify the destination server’s private IP or hostname concretely such as “Global IP address or host name/192.168.x.x”. Or if a NAT is used on the server’s side, configure the NAT to open, relay or transfer appropriate ports. (code 131)

Any help, suggestions will be greatly appreciated


I think you’ll should allow from RED Zone to red interface on port 992 and disable/remove NAT rule for port 992 to your previous SoftEther server setup.

Think as an option to publish a screenshot of your NAT and Firewall rules related to the service, please.

Thank you
Indeed, allowing external access to port 992 did the trick

Again, many thanks


I recently installed SoftEther Server on my Windows machine to try it out. I’m a Linux newbie. Could you possibly share how you install Softether on an ipFire Linux machine. I’m really not Linux knowledgeable - Mainframe and Windows, yes. Any tips, step-by-step would be most welcome.