VPN internet via road warrior

Hi all,
I have ipfire set up to channel all traffic through a commercial vpn. I have ipfire opvpn road warrior set up to connect through my home ipfire system. Everything works except, when road warrior connects to home vpn, the traffic goes out on red, without the home vpn. I would like to connect through openvpn “road warrior” and access internet through commercial vpn. Any ideas?

Besides the issue of routing from one tunnel to another tunnel, I believe you can’t do that, as it would require IPFire to become a road warrior client, having on the other end of the tunnel the provider’s server.

If my understand is incorrect, other more competent forum members probably will clarify this issue.

Yeah, I think it’s gonna take a policy based routing solution. Which I have no clue on how to do. It just seems that if I can road warrior to my home LAN which connects via VPN, I should be able to have the road warrior traffic go through the home VPN also.