VPN connection no longer works

i had to reinstall ipfire after a harddisk crash

now Local VPN hostname/IP: keeps automatically jumping back to ipfire.localdomain instead of using my dyndns address
where can i set it to use my dyndns address
connect with ssh and set under hostname/dns then reboot did nothing
is it at all necessary for a working VPN connection that the hostname corresponds to the dyndns address ?
I have
IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 156

Hi @perlian

Did you press save after changing the VPN hostname and before restarting the OpenVPN server?

Oh my god…that was it
sometimes you can’t figure out the simplest things
It works now
many thanks @bonnietwin

We’ve all done that. I have myself.

Glad it’s all working now.