VPN access stopped working

I configured OpenVPN and setup one road warrior client on a phone.

It appeared to be working. I tested by turning off the wifi on the phone and it switched over to 4G and then I stated the VPN client. All appeared to be OK.

Fast forward a few weeks, and now the phone never connects.

I checked the obvious (to me) stuff like the vpn status on ipfire. Info on the certificate says it’s valid through 2023.

I have a limited knowledge in this area. What else can I look at?

Have a look at the phone’s vpn client log contents. That will indicate if you are getting any reply from the server at all and at which point it fails and with what error message.
The IPFire openvpn logs will show any error messages from the server.

If you can show those logs it will help to figure out what is happening.

The roadwarrior log on iprfire shows no entries.

The phone shows TLS handshake failed and negotiation failed.

There can be lots of reasons for those messages.
As nothing is getting through to the server at all then a likely candidate is that the server domain name in the client config is either not matching what is defined in IPFire or you have a dynamic ip address and it has changed and the external domain has not been updated.

Hmm…so the hostname defined in IPFire is removed for security IP address.res.spectrum.com

And the removed for security IP address matches what the client is attempting to connect to.

But, my public IP has apparently changed.

I changed the IP in the hostname on IPFire and changed the IP on the client, now on the client I get Incoming packet rejected allow this incoming source address/port by removing --remote or adding --float

Edit: duh, I switched to 4G and I can connect and ping known devices on my home net…but, still can’t get one app to connect to it’s server (I ping this server…).