VMware vSphere 7U3 Hypervisor ESXi


because of network performance issues with VirtualBox - having 2 VMs in parallel use - I decided to give VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi a try. I only know it from the past, about 8 years ago, and it still looks great. However IPFire doesn’t work. I installed it 3 times. Twice clean and once a backup restore. However the bridged virtual nics to the virtual switches for green/blue/orange are dead.

The Hypervisor tells me that all links are active. I don’t have problems to assign the nics in IPFire and the boot screens doesn’t show up any errors/fails. ifconfig shows up all interfaces and ethtool also tells me that the links are active. But I can’t reach anything. No client, no other VM, not the host, only the internal IPs.

So I installed Windows 10 and Manjaro with the same config in a VM and checked the functionality of the network. Everything works fine. I can access network clients, toher VMs and the host, but not IPFire.

Anybody run IPFire in vSphere Hypervisor and my tell me why it’s not working (at least for me)?

Edit: with “every second reboot” I’m getting the message “RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument” for all interfaces, ethtool says link status off for all interfaces and green/blue/orange don’t show up with ifconfig.